‘Dude, I’m Not Intoxicated!’: College Football Player Suing Iowa Police after Blowing 0.00 Breathaly


a william penn university student is suing three iowa police officers including the city of newton after he was wrongfully arrested in august 2022 for a. after releasing the video it's clear that wide receiver tayvin galanakis was not drunk the night of his arrest. After being questioned, taking a breathalyzer, and blowing zero, then being forced to perform field sobriety tests on the side of the road, Galanakis was placed in handcuffs. several officers also asked him how long he had smoked weed the previous time. in a statement galanakis said the football team is tested for drugs every friday and that he would be kicked off the team if. during the video the footage has since gone viral and galanakis has received an outpouring of community support. that's one reason he felt the need to sue the officers. "We've got a mess to clean up, and I feel like that's my job with the exposure I got. ".

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