‘F*** It I’m Watching Buffy’: Man Saves His Entire Family from Tornado by Refusing to Leave the TV


in the words of jeff goldblum life finds a way. fate has a funny knack for intervening when it matters most. it was exactly thanks to one sarah michelle gellar that this father-son duo was born. As Joe beautifully recalls, there was a tornado in their area. joe had been on the series finale of buffy the vampire slayer and wasn't about to stop watching the torrential downpours. so he is parked in front of the tv on the edge of his seat as his entire family and neighbors hide in their storm cellar. "After Angel goes off and all that kind of bullshit", Joe remarks, he went looking for his family. a massive tree fell on the door of the cellar. when joe became a hero and sarah michelle gellar became a legend.

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