‘Help Me, Help Me’ Karen Screams For Her Life Despite Not Being in Any Danger


teacher karen appears to be in absolute terror while screaming for help. That is, until she notices a camera pointed towards her, and suddenly things carry on at a much lower volume. Using the commonly taught tactic of yelling 'fire' instead of 'help' when in need of assistance from strangers, this Karen is screaming at the top of her lungs. what is important is that there's no danger and she's completely capable of walking away and taking care of her own business. The nature of the situation is unclear as well, as she seems to be in a confrontation of sorts with the woman next to her, but they are far from having a conventional argument. One comment points out that depending on who sees this video, this Karen may go from a kindergarten teacher, to a former kindergarten teacher. she should be at least not responsible for teaching children mature problem solving skills.

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