‘My Brother's a Douche’: The Worst Best Man Speech of All Time


if it ever happened to them to begin with this best man speech goes completely off the rails. The brother best man, Scott, has nothing prepared once it's his turn to speak, and he does not make the most of his opportunity. often people ask why some families have alcohol free weddings. this guy is one of the reasons why a person commented on this article. "I feel like his dad urged him to pick the brother as the best man, 'It will be good for him,'" another person says. while scott's speech follows no main through-line it's obvious that he cares deeply for his brother despite admitting that they haven't always gotten along well. the same can't be said for his sisters whom he claims he never cared about. " Presumably they're in attendance right? Despite the embarrassment, this groom handles it all like a boss, and has a funny wedding story for life.

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