‘That’s a Paper Airplane’: Pilot Shows Off His Tiny Two-Seater ‘Long EZ’


Flyfastplanes, a hobbyist plane account on TikTok with 60,000 followers, makes three things clear in his bio: 1) they like to teach folks about planes; 2) they think planes with engines in the back are cool; and 3) their views are their own. “You can be told what something is, but I think the information that you really wanna know is, ‘what can it do?,'” says FastFlyPLanes (FFP), as he walks up to a 15-foot-long two-seater plane leaning on its nose. the long ez is one of the smallest planes on the market and is a. “This particular airplane needs to be stored with the nose wheel up” FFP explains, picking up the plane with both hands and pressing a button to release a hidden front wheel. “There’s a big engine out back and it’s supposed to have at least 150 pounds of pilot up front. if you don't have it the plane will tip backward. ” On today’s flight, FFP is flying from Fort Wayne Indiana to Orlando, Florida. “This particular airplane is an absolute handful in a cloud,” FFP says while filming cumulonimbus clouds above Florida. he said that the plane covered a thousand nautical miles and it did it faster than american airlines gate-to-gate. “Many people will call it weird, I simply call it a LONG EZ. ”.

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