‘Wonderwall’ Came on at the Restaurant Where Its Songwriter Was Dining, the Rest Is History


He asked the person to stop filming, they said maybe. imagine being an icon of songwriters. all right?. Now imagine writing a song that was then taken and turned into a college frat boy anthem, memed beyond all reason, and basically became a pop culture parody of itself. is noel gallagher still with us?. all of a sudden out of nowhere noel's hit song comes on the speakers.

Let's be real, someone knew he was there. So like a scene out of a Disney sing-along, the ENTIRE RESTAURANT began singing those iconic lyrics. i thought maybe. . . will you save me?. . . please save me. this is an absolutely disastrous situation i'm now in. To Noel's credit, he sits awkwardly as if someone had started singing happy birthday at a funeral. Servers are clapping, people are filming. all wannabe singers out there. be careful what you want. your future is here.

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