“I Need the Cash First” Robber Settles For Pizzas after Sticking Up Cashless Delivery Driver


this robber decides that pizza is more important than money after sticking up a delivery man before he could complete his order. filmed by a ringing doorbell camera this dominos delivery man knows exactly what's going on when he's approached by a group. before i get the money i tell the robber that he has no cash to give until he delivers the goods. But the robber doesn't seem interested in the money, not that you could really get much from a delivery man anyhow. Instead, he asks the man to open up his bag and see the pizzas. No sooner have the words, "two half pizzas," left the driver's mouth, than the robber decides that it's good enough for him, and he snatches the bag and runs away. so the poor delivery driver walks back to his car with no pizza and no money.

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