8-Year-Old Drops Awesome F-Bomb On Sports Radio Show


this 8 year old caller took pat mcafee and the rest of his radio crew by surprise when his voice came squeaking through the. After all, as the former NFL punter turned radio show superstar quickly told the kid, this is not the sports talk radio show for the younger audience. One of the reasons McAfee's show has become so popular is due to its brash nature, and the fact that they are not afraid to talk about and criticize anything and everyone in whatever words best get the job done.

After complimenting the show and giving the impression this was going to be a wholesome moment, Owen, the kid caller, quickly flipped the field on everyone both in the studio and tuning in, proving he understood the Pat McAfee show way perfectly, and shouted emphatically, "Also f**ck Boston Connor!" The show went nuts, and this kid might be the coolest 8 year old we've heard in a while.

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