a 100 year old vet goes to disneyland for the best day of his life


tiktoker isaiahgarza celebrates this 100-year-old veteran by taking him to disneyland. After stopping him on the street, this guy is amazed that someone would do something like that for him, and breaks into tears at the end of the day, saying that he won't forget the day for a long time. Isaiah Garza's page is devoted to acts of kindness, and he grants people their biggest wishes, from going to sports games, to just helping pay the bills. He says that the inspiration came during the pandemic, when he felt like people needed to be able to see content that made them feel happy, and gave them hope that there was still good and kindness in the world. There's no question that Garza is one of the most wholesome people on the internet, and we hope that he's able to keep helping people in even bigger and better ways.

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