a mass damper of 660 tons saves taipei skyscraper from a devastating earthquake


the 660 ton mass damper inside the 101 skyscraper in taipei. this huge metal ball is suspended between the 88th and 92nd floors and is 18 feet in diameter. Designed to act as a pendulum, staying still or swaying against any movement of the building, it helps keep the overall center of gravity and structural integrity in a safe operating window. following a six-game win. during the 8 magnitude earthquake in taipei the mass damper can be seen doing its job and swaying in controlled motions from side to. As skyscraper 101 is a 1,667-foot tall building just a football field's length from a fault line, this mass damper is essential in maintaining the safety of the building, and did so once again here. Almost 150 people were injured following the recent earthquake, but thanks to this giant mettle ball, the many people inside and around skyscraper 101 are not among them. its engineering is truly remarkable.

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