a red carpet reporter who bullied michael b jordan in high school


b michael. jordan knows everything. Steel trap, baby. In a recent red carpet interview with podcaster Lore'l, Michael B. jordan had no hesitation in saying that. the two go back to their school days at chad science academy in newark nj the. the podcast seems to be listened to by michael because he brought receipts. why do you think i'm a corny kid?. To which Lore'l immediately back-pedaled. For reference in an early episode of her podcast, 'The Undressing Room' Lore'l goes as far as to state "We teased him all the damn time cuz his name was Michael Jordan. he was not michael jordan. "Lore'l continued, "He also would come to school with headshots - we would make fun of him like whatcha gonna do with your little stupid headshots. you can say he's doing well with those stupid headshots. dead 3 is set to release in march.

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