A Thing Of The Past: Scientist Found A Cure For Baldness!


Baldness could soon be a thing of the past.A team of Japanese researchers has successfully grown mature hair follicles in a lab, an advancement in the battle against hair loss.Scientists from Yokohama National University — who have been studying hair follicle growth and hair pigmentation — generated hair follicles in petri dishes using embryonic skin cells from mice cultured in a special type of gel.The findings were published Friday in the journal Science Advances.“If you think of a hair follicle, it’s got the hair down the middle of it and then it’s got layers of epithelial cells around the follicle and other specialized cells,” one cell biologist not involved in the study told New Scientist about the breakthrough. “The gel allows these cells to grow in a laboratory in a way that means they can climb over and around each other” like they do in the body.

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