a woman gives her father's number at the bar and he strings the guy for fun


a great strategy for turning down guys at the bar without risking a confrontation jordyn gives them her dad's phone number. this is not a new strategy for women who feel like saying no could not be the safest option in their situation. However, very rarely is that fake number in on the game, and able to toy with the unlucky man to hilarious results. in this case jordyn's father decides to string her suitor along with him. He gets him to send pictures, schedule a FaceTime, and even propose and cancel a date. dad lets the guy in and sends him a selfie in the end. i understand that the guy is surprised but he seems to be taking it quite well. I'd say that Jordyn is lucky to have a dad willing to participate in her trick, but it seems like he is more than ready, willing and able.

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