a woman in a gym gets kicked out and trespassed after accusing a worker of staring at him


when a woman accuses an employee of staring at her she is kicked out of the gym and trespassed. the video is one of many controversial scenes involving people who film at the gym and accuse others of harassment. the woman looks up at the two men behind her and believes that they are looking at her. she proceeds to confront them and learns the hard way that one of the men works in a gym. after encouraging him to call the cops he gets her out of the gym. In a follow-up, she claims that she finished her workout before being forced to leave. she has since made all of her channels private after being harassed for posting the video on her facebook. Both parties involved escalate the situation quickly, and while it does appear the two men glance at her, the context is unclear. Her callout was aggressive, and his response was too. it's a shame we can't all go to the gym in peace and relax.

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