a youtuber gets what's coming to him after messing with a wrong guy


The YouTuber Kanel Joseph gets whats coming to him after trying to steal a man's luggage for a video. Joseph, who has over a million subscribers on YouTube, makes videos for "people who aren't sensitive," including plenty of 'pranks. in this case joseph meets a man who is less than happy with his antics and decides to fight back. Grabbing Joseph by the hair, it takes assistance from airport security and Joseph's camera man to stop the altercation. the man then aggressively pursues the cameraman before being taken down and arrested by the security guards and. while this man's violent response is absolutely unacceptable it's naive to stage a prank video of this kind and not expect extreme reactions from the. Especially at the airport. Joseph claims that he went to the hospital for his head, but chose not to press charges against the man. you can see his final product here.

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