'Act Like You Want to Be Here': Dudes Huddle Up after Losing to Women in Flip Cup


these guys have gone into full crisis mode after repeatedly losing to women in the flip cup competition. realizing that some changes are needed these dudes have gone into the huddle to try and step up their game and make a comeback against the ladies they have repeatedly lost to. he seems to have assumed the role of leader of the group. "Get your sh*t together, act like you want to be here, or we leave!" he yells at his team. the comments appear to be directed at a particular person. After all, in flip cup, you really are only as good as your weakest link. they seem to be as relaxed as they can be. now that's what real confidence looks like in your team. As one comment says, "Gentleman. you have to find the right place to place it. . . why they can't do it?. ".

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