after falling through the ceiling a small snake turns into a massive serpent


the family decided to call animal control after hearing strange noises from their ceiling. the result was someone's nightmare. It's immediately clear that the control crew is dealing with one snake, but a quick tap on the ceiling causes a massive cave in, and reveals two more sizable slitherers. the family shrieks and the crew manages to drag one snake into the open water. This video, posted by baju_skoda, has almost 46 million views, and two other videos show a continuation of the operation. i'll throw the whole house away one commenter says. it's the same way i left my house and became homeless. the snakes can now enjoy the house. other commenters point out that with a male female and a third snake accounted for there are likely more on the way to. they took mom and dad but trust me they left the eggs there. that's another reason to buy a new house asap.

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