Airport Karen Arrested after Spraying Employees With Fire Extinguisher


she was arrested for assaulting airline employees and security officers with a fire extinguisher at hartsfield-jackson atlanta international airport in atlanta. after she reportedly left a buffalo wild wings restaurant without paying for her food jennifer kaye holder was confronted by airport employees. holden can be seen arguing that someone else paid for her meal but decides to grab a fire extinguisher and go on a spraying rampage instead of proving her. She also tries to open a secure door, and fully unleashes the fire extinguisher on a flight attendant who tries to stop her. the overall lack of security intervention is somewhat worrying. Three flight attendants reported “respiratory discomfort” from the incident but were later cleared by EMS. A Buffalo Wild Wings dispute hardly seems like the hill to die on when it comes to assault charges and the no-fly list. why do people go crazy at airports?.

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