Alleged Forever 21 Thief Falls Off Ledge With His Entire Haul


a forever 21 thief was filmed hanging off the side of a multiple-story parking garage with his impressive haul of stolen goods. Cornered by security, and unable to escape, he makes the decision to drop all the way to the ground. what do you want to do now?. "Wait for you," the guy says sassily. After a few more seconds, and some more taunting, the thief's fingers start to slip. it's unclear what he says right before he goes down but it has something to do with death. Seconds later he is saying "alright, alright" on the ground. Amazingly, in an extended clip posted on TMZ, the suspect is not only ok after his fall, but gets up and runs away. It is unclear if he ultimately evaded authorities, but his daring act at least bought him some more time. And all of this for a few pieces of mildly overpriced fast fashion.

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