American Woman Crowned Cheese Chasing Champion Now Our Biggest Crush


of course america can have nice things from time to time. the winner of the notorious and annual cheese rolling contest held in the united kingdom was a woman from north carolina usa. abby lampe claimed the women's race championship by tumbling down the infamous 200 yard incline in glorious fashion.

The ever popular event is held annually near Gloucester, England. hundreds gather to watch the cheese roll contest and participate in the competition. it is estimated that the race is about 600 years old. The cheese used is typically a 9 pound Double Gloucester Cheese wheel.

The hill is two football fields straight down, and is more than unforgiving. Broken bones, sprains, and concussions are all part of the sport. The goal? Get to the cheese before anyone else, and go home a champion.

Abby Lampe, a recent graduate from NC State is forever enshrined in "Cooper's Hill" history and lore after snagging the women's race (and coming out fairly unscathed. ) No teeth were lost in the making of her championship.

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