americans in shock after learning that australians don't share their bowls


it took me too long to realize what happened in an 11-second video. z is the worst of all time. In a recent viral video, Australian TikTokker miaduncanxx was shocked to find out that "Americans don't sink their cones, they just pass around a half smoked billy at the rage. " To which everyone in the world responded, "What?"Comments began rolling in, asking what the f*ck this girl was actually talking about. "I had a stroke trying to understand", said one commenter. "I couldn't even understand the sound playing", remarked another. Thank god for TikTokker Henry J who stitched the video and was just as clueless as the rest of us. After minutes and minutes of painful comment diving, I found out that Australians say "Sinking cones" instead of "Finishing a bowl. i keep my statement. you are an american hero henry j. thank you for the service you provided.

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