an it worker shows off what he's packing for a full-size friday


many workplaces have fun friday traditions such as casual friday or fun socks friday. This normal-looking American office is no exception, calling its pre-weekend practice "full-sized Friday," but this weekly custom is not to be trifled with. "Any given IT department in America right here. i love being flagged before lunch by an mg42. " That's the caption Roy Drones Jr gives this clip of some totally normal American employees packing some serious heat. these workers have absolutely massive pieces of furniture. i personally can't focus on my spreadsheets unless i have glock 19 pointed directly at my balls. "Getting torn in half with 7. 62 because i ate my coworker's lunch another person told me. It turns out that these are not normal workers, but instead employees for GriffinArmament, the "Industry leader in quality sound suppressors, firearms, and components. if they decide to ask for a raise hr has a big fight on their hands.

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