Angry Karen Gives Stranger The Bird and a Piece of Her Mind


A TikTok video recently resurfaced from the user @catherinnept21, or Catherine, who filmed a woman flipping her off after parking in what seems to be the last handicap spot in a busy parking lot. Catherine claimed that the woman questioned if she was really handicapped before giving her the finger. The original post received over fifteen million views.

Back in July 2021, TikToker @catherinnept21 filmed a woman sitting in the front seat of a car flipping her off as she took her wheelchair out of the trunk. Showing that she was indeed handicapped. In a follow-up video, @catherinnept21 films the woman outside the car, flipping her off still, and telling her to "f*ck off," and "you don't look handicapped!"

@catherinnept21 responded with, "Who are you to get into my business? Do I look handicapped enough to you?"

"I'm trying to help you," the irate woman shouted back at her.

The video grabbed the attention of many other users who took Catherine's side. Multiple Tiktok pages dedicated to shaming Karens reposted the video. Many users responded with, "Just because a disability isn't visible doesn't mean it's not there!"

Another viewer sympathized with @catherinnept21 saying, “As someone who got their first handicap parking pass at 19, this bothers me so much bc we shouldn’t have to explain why we need it.”

Other viewers, however, did not like the fact the Tiktoker didn't have her handicap sign visible, noting that it was laying in the trunk.

“Doesn’t matter if you are handicapped or assisting a handicapped person, you cannot park in handicap spot [without] your govt-issued handicap placard/plate showing,” someone said.

Just another example of how calmly talking about what is bothering you, and expressing your concerns using words rather than gestures could have diffused an otherwise embarrassing moment for everyone.

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