Annoying Gen Z Dude is Way too Hyped about California Plant


Jessie Dickson (TikTok: @sacramentofoodforest) took a trip to the currently-overflowing Sacramento dam after the region received three straight days of rain. he discovered some neat little succulent plants growing on the side of a bluff and immediately started gassing them up with gasoline. As evidenced by the hardcore stonecrop love he shows in this viral TikTok, the botanist is supremely enthused by Canyon Dudleya. it's probably a little too excited. these plants are fin gangs. is it possible that these plants will go extinct because of poaching?. “Nothing is more gang than a plant that holds a wall together. ” “F*** Ice Plant bro. Ice Plant doesn’t fight erosion,” he adds. on the ice plant gang. my girls hate ice plants. Canyon Dudleya for life.

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