Bald Eagles Jackie and Shadow Are Currently the Best Streamers on the Planet


in the world of television jackie and shadow are the hottest show on the web. The livestream is located 145 feet up a tree in Big Bear Valley in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California and has been ongoing since September of 2021. The tranquil stream is a far cry from most streams you'll find online and is perfect for people who love peaceful visuals, but who are tired of looking at the Yule Log. Depending on when you're watching, you'll be one of tens of thousands of others tuning in to experience the at times slow life of a bald eagle. In the five or so minutes I've been watching, the one eagle in the nest, who I'm unsure is Jackie or Shadow, has yet to look at the camera and has ignored the chat entirely. not the biggest wildlife expert but that's not the way to engage in a conversation.

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