beaver bailey the four-footed moonshine-making pot-growing kentuckian is living the true american dr


the documentary filmmaker mark laita and his interview series soft white underbelly give us an in-depth and unique look at what life is like for moonshiner beaver bailey and his. a native of kentucky in harlan county bailey lives in the appalachian mountains. he's served prison sentences on the run and lost his wife to cancer in 2011. bailey really lives off the land. he kills animals such as deer bears and turkeys but only hunts for a meal. you sleep better at night. Even though alcohol sales are prohibited in Harlan County, Bailey makes a living like generations before him, distilling Moonshine. the father whose daughter was born in jail says he can live 2 to 3 years off of the land and his garden alone if . he's not without his disadvantages. Not only did Bailey not graduate 8th grade until he was 18, but his brother-in-law hacked off his pinky finger during a wood-chopping accident. Growing marijuana, making moonshine, and not having a hospital within two hours, you could say that Beaver Bailey is living the true American dream.

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