Boston Man Left Confused after Being Locked In LA Fitness Then Subsequently Banned


We spoke to KillaKevTV, who was relaxing in a jacuzzi when he was locked inside an LA Fitness gym, and then somehow banned. it is said that when he realized all of the lights had gone off the man was sitting in the jacuzzi room. He took his time leaving, but began panicking when he noticed the doors were locked. he got out via an emergency exit but it's not the end of the story. when his tiktok went viral la fitness asked him to delete it. Um. . . sketchy? KillaKevTV said no, and was subsequently banned from LA Fitness. we asked him what his first reaction was when he was told he was banned from driving. he was confused. what was his plan to find a gym somewhere else?. He didn't mince words, "Life time is LA fitness on steroids, way better not even a debate. you've heard of la fitness?.

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