bride attacks her husband after he starts making out with another guy during their wedding party


TikToker @elmechudo69_ posted a TikTok on December 20th of a wedding party that has since gone viral. on the dance floor the groom in the black shirt turns up on the dance floor clearly wasted when a friend of his pulls up and starts kissing. instead of pushing him away the newly-married man kisses him back in front of his wife. At first, the shocked guests scream and laugh, but the two just keep at it. Relatives separated the two before the madness could escalate further, but at that point the wedding had been pretty conclusively ruined. According to the comments, the groom later posted on Instagram claiming that he’s not gay and that the only reason he let it happen was because he had alcohol and usually never drinks. Not so sure about that one, bud. it's better to open everything up now than ten years into a marriage.

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