british man enjoys a cocktail in a bin on the hottest day in british history


a cocktail in the bin. " If you haven't heard things are heating up in Britain, which just today clocked its highest ever recorded temperature of 40. 2°C. That's 104. 4°F for those keeping score, which is no laughing matter. But we Americans are used to this sort of excessive heat, and our friends across the pond sadly are not. what should i do to beat the heat? why not turn my garbage can into a personal pool?. the best video we've seen in weeks shows a man being accosted for cooling off in his bin while having a cocktail in his hand. And he rightfully claps back at his nosy neighbor, "I'm having a cocktail in a bin," he says, putting to doubt any uncertainty that may lie in the matter. And that my friends is beating the heat, UK style.

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