Brother Trolls Sister by Wrapping Her Christmas Gift in 80 Pounds of Concrete


this brother likes to prank his sister by wrapping her presents in industrial grade protection. now he's encased in 80 pounds of cement. Requiring his sister to really work for her presents, this brother doesn't hold back. the video shows that a previous year's gift came inside a huge wooden block and was only accessed with the use of a hammer and. This cement gift steps that up a notch, and takes a saw, hammer, chisel, and eventually a sledgehammer to open. To the sister's credit, she takes the prank in stride and uses her tools like a champ to crack open the gift. after all her work it looks like she has been given target gift cards. while i'm sure she'll put them to good use it's not worth the effort. there better be a lot of cash on these cards.

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