bud light knight confirms that he is a virgin and no one is surprised


he started posting on tiktok only last month but has racked up over a million views showing the weirdest characters the streets can offer. the highlight is a guy dressed in a diy armor suit made of bud light trash. Here to save your day from boredom… is the Bud Knight. Bud Knight quickly lunges into the fact that he’s never had a girlfriend, as he’s probably too busy slaying IPA-sipping snobs and upholding the sacred values of piss beer. in the end he confirms his virginity and absolutely no one is shocked. of course even the greatest warriors take vows of celibacy in order to remain focused on their duty. the bud knight is no exception to this rule. all over the world he defends the rights of tailgaters and alcoholic college freshmen. or he's just a guy who spends his time building garbage costumes instead of going out on dates. you must respect drunken chivalry simply.

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