Chic-fil-A Employee Fights Off Car-Jacker Who Targeted a Mother and Her Child


give him a raise right away. this video came directly to us from the official twitter account of okaloosa county sheriff's office. Apparently the man in grey was attempting to car-jack a mother who was holding her baby. so when our hero came to the rescue. a young man who was working his shift at chic-fil-a saw the incident and took action against the company. we won't be too sweet. he fucked him up. after tackling the assailant multiple times and finally getting him to the ground the employee gets some back-up support. other workers and customers eventually surround the man. The proper authorities were called, while everyone makes sure he doesn't try to escape. But credit where credit's due. the worker who stopped the car-jacking and possibly saved some lives has balls of steel. we need more people like this in the world. kudos to this man and hopefully he gets recognized for his heroic actions.

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