Clout Chasing Gone Wrong: Man Dancing On Top Of A Moving 18-Wheeler Gets Slammed Into A Bridge.. Die


A 25-year-old man either jumped or climbed onto a moving 18-wheeler before starting to dance, authorities in Texas said. But when the semitrailer traveling south on the Eastex Freeway passed underneath a bridge, the dancing man slammed into the overpass and was knocked off the vehicle, according to a Nov. 14 news release from Houston Police Department. He landed on the freeway below. First responders were called to the scene near the Tuam Street bridge at about 11:35 a.a. Thursday, Nov. 10.The man was rushed to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, according to the news release. Authorities believe the man might have been recording himself as he danced atop the truck. A video shared on Facebook shows the man dancing on the semitrailer before the fatal incident. Police questioned and released the driver of the 18-wheeler. He was unaware someone had gotten on top of his truck, authorities said. An investigation is ongoing

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