College Threatens to Withhold Diploma Over 1 Cent Outstanding Balance


Kathryn, a Washington State University student, posted this video to her TikTok account Lantie exposing an email from her university's bursar office. The email informs her that there is an outstanding balance on her account, and that "Nonpayment of this balance may result in late payment fees as well as registration and/or diploma holds. " Terrified by this surprising information, Kathryn apprehensively clicks on the outstanding balance. It was one cent. is it possible to let him go?. i have a penny sitting around. so i'm going to walk in person and give them. " While this email is likely an automated response to an outstanding balance, its existence in and of itself is an indictment of the priority universities place on their finances over the education and well-being of their students; especially considering its threatening tone, and the minimal outstanding balance. "The ridiculousness of capitalism," one person comments. always ask them to send you a receipt another person says. schools cut students down to the last centimeter.

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