Comedian Goes Off on Guy Who Isn't Laughing at His Jokes


this comedian took things a little too far when it came to getting back at someone in the audience who wasn't laughing at his jokes and didn'. Commiserating with the other comedians that the audience member wasn't smiling much, Akaash Singh decided to engage him and his date, asking them how they met and making a joke about the south. after a quick joke about the british and indians it seemed like this would be the end of this particular bit of history. After all, this audience member wasn't a heckler or a disruptive influence on the rest of the show. but singh can't leave it alone. While it does seem odd to sit in the front row through a whole comedy set with a straight face, ultimately this man is a paying customer who is well within his right to decide what he chooses to laugh at, and pay attention to.

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