Damn: Ukrainian Teen Stabs Classmate Several Times Because He Ran Faster Than Him In GYM Class!


A student of school No. 21 in Simferopol fell on a classmate and stabbed him several times from the back. Hard footage from the moment of the attack was recorded by a hidden surveillance camera in the classroom where the incident occurred. Writes about it “Mash on the wave”.According to the channel, 15-year-old boys remained at school after the fourth lesson. At some point, a dispute ensued between classmates due to the fact that the victim ran faster in a physical education lesson. The loser demanded that the classmate apologize for it on his knees, but he refused and continued to go about his business. When they were left alone in the classroom, the student took out a bladed weapon and attacked from the back attacked the opponent. He hit the guy with a knife four times: wounds fell on the neck, arm and face.The victim managed to get out of the classroom, he was given first aid in the first-aid post. An ambulance took him from there, now the guy is in intensive care in a serious condition. According to the aggressor, the classmate paid the price for speaking rudely to him. The Investigative Committee has launched an investigation into the incident.

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