dates keith morrison reads the grinch in his true crime voice


There are any number of actors, voice-over artists, or celebrities that NBC could have pegged to read 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas. instead they were accompanied by the guy who narrated horrifying true crime television shows. Dateline correspondent, Keith Morrison gives us a full 10-minute reading of the classic Christmas tale, complete with yule log in a fireplace and all the holiday decor. What doesn't seem to match is his super recognizable voice. The voice that typically reports things like "They were found guilty on all counts" or "They were never seen again. for 10 minutes it's a bold move to have your true crime documentary host narrate a child's christmas story. but let's just keep this trend going. i wish unsolved mysteries host robert stack were still with us to recite 'the night before christmas'. one can dream i suppose.

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