deer caught on a trail cam getting high on nitrogen oxide


Whippets — they’re not just for ravers, 100 Gecs fans and your dentist after a long hard day of yelling at people to learn how to fucking floss! It seems deer, too, share our storied past-time of getting high off of Nitrous Oxide, an interest first elucidated in a viral video from earlier this week, depicting a pair of deer looking absolutely zooted while prancing around a decaying pile of leaves. Despite not having the opposable thumbs necessary to work an empty whipped cream container, it seems our elk-like pals don’t need to make the embarrassing trot over to CVS to get their fix — rotting leaves have them covered. “Deer getting high on nitrous oxide aka laughing gas (peaty) Decomposing leaves emit nitrous oxide which can become trapped when piled up,” explained Twitter user @pikeypilled alongside the clip, which has since garnered more than 440,000 views since hitting the platform on Wednesday, December 14. if you'll excuse me i'll take a nice walk in the forest for absolutely no reason.

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