Disney Employee Interrupts Proposal and Gets Scorned By the Internet


Disney has since apologized for the employee's behavior saying they, ''regret how this was handled,' after many people online criticized the park for ruining what should have been a special moment for this couple. many people accused the park worker of being 'over zealous' with his handling of the couple's relationship.

It is unclear if the couple had permission for not to have their staged proposal, and if they did, by the look on the security mouse's face, they were standing in the wrong place.

The story ended better for the couple, as she did say yes to the proposal and Disney claimed, "apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right. but the meme is still there. And the internet wont soon let Disney forget how they treated this couple, nor how excited this dude was to snatch their ring and usher them off stage.

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