DoorDash Driver Keeps Man Food After Confronting Him Over $8 Tip


this driver is upset that she was only given an 8 tip after allegedly driving 40 minutes for her delivery. upon delivering the meal the driver decides that she wants to speak to the man who placed the order. Documented by a doorbell camera, she claims that she deserves a much larger tip than the $8 she's been given. the man counters that the driver should have taken less than 15 minutes to drive. what is your search?. While $8 isn't breaking the bank, it certainly isn't nothing, especially when it takes a food order north of $40 to make it less than 20%. "As a door dash driver, an 8-dollar tip is good money!" One commenter says. this woman has never worked before for tips. Eight dollars is a Home Run," says another. At the end of the video, she takes the food with her. what point does she want to make?.

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