Douche Films His Date Who Dares Ask for Food for Her Kids


first date etiquette can become a controversial topic especially when it comes to who pays what when and where. This prospective couple have already stumbled into an argument, as she wants him to pay for a few extra meals to bring home to her children. The extra meals, she claims, are restitution for his tardiness to the date. While this argument takes place, the waitress is caught in the middle of contradicting requests, although she ultimately begins siding with the woman. While springing the extra meals doesn't seem like the best move, the man admits to being 1. getting 5 hours late is simply unacceptable for a first date. possibly she has already made her decision and just wants her money back. not to mention that the man's apology just consists of offering to take her on another date with another man. no way i'll cut it. In his defense however, steak does seem like overkill for younger kids. The only party we'll side with here is the waitress, who's chosen to support women, drama, and making money for the restaurant.

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