Driver Pulls Out in Front a Cement Truck, Gets Instant Karma


Hey drivers! Don't be this person. i'm really worried about some of you drivers behind the wheel. Some states must literally let anybody acquire a driver's license because my god (Looking at you PA, NJ, CT, NY. but even the worst drivers have to be able to admit when they make a mistake on the highway. i'm guessing the driver in this video is feeling this way and if not then they should be fine. let's just look at the video. you're driving your big cement truck having a good day no idiots have crossed your path. Until just up ahead you see a tiny SUV poke its front out from a parking lot. "They'll stay put" you think to yourself as you get closer and closer. Then the moment of truth.

The SUV slowly moves forward into the middle of the road. it's not ideal but probably they're going to floor it and get on with their day. it's wrong again. said suv is firmly planted in the middle of the road. well it's going to be messy.

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