Drunk Florida Man Assaults Mascot and Security Does Nothing


video from the tampa bay lightning has gone viral of a tampa bay lightning fan assaulting the secondary mascot of the florida. Ratt. And before we all jump on the 'This was staged' bandwagon, it definitely wasn't. the spokesperson for the panthers said there is a full investigation and the altercation was not planned. this led commenters to wonder what exactly was going on with them. the fact that it's happening while there's in-play action makes me think it's not staged. it's a mess. it's a legit assault. why isn't anybody doing anything?. depending on the angle it seems viktor may be holding the fan's jersey. Even so, this would be an overreaction. if we forget how the mascots work there's literally a human being inside the costume. the panthers would continue to defeat the lightning by a score of 7-1.

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