Dude Climbs a Tree to Escape a Bear (Cocaine Bear?) Attack While His Buddy Films


here's a guy living out his cocaine bear nightmare in real life as he frantically attempts to climb a tree to escape a. His friend meanwhile, seems perfectly happy to stand there and film the whole ordeal. the bear seems mildly interested in clawing at the man's feet while he desperately climbs the tree to save his life. It is unclear why the bear is targeting the man in the tree, and not the man standing on the ground filming everything, but it's clear who is more scared of the bear. The men appear to be speaking Russian, which explains their calm demeanor in the face of danger, and the bear's familiar approach to them. it is well known that bears are afraid of russians. But if I'm ever attacked by a bear, hopefully whoever I'm with chooses to save either me or himself. . . not just sit there and watch.

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