dude gets swatted while taking a shit at 7-eleven and refuses to get up


A man pooping in a 7-Eleven bathroom filmed himself getting confronted by a swat team, but instead of following their instructions, he decided to keep using the toilet. the original video is part of a string of viral tiktoks posted to an account called the insurrectionist and has amassed almost 15 million views on youtube. “One more pinch!” he tells the cops when they ask him to stand up. it's pretty close. hold on. . . do you not smell my ass?. "Bro is holding a paint ball gun…" one commenter says. however there are reports of a man barricading himself and starting a fire in a 7-11 building. There is also the viral 2018 story of a man who was accused of threatening to blow up a bathroom, but claimed he only meant with his poop. we could be looking at just another crappy miscommunication.

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