Dude Gets Trapped in Deadly Corn Silo and Is Surprisingly Chill About It


it seems that after falling into a corn silo the best thing to do is pull out his camera and film his situation. the videos have attracted tons of attention from people who now have a new fear. After the video went viral, he published a second video updating everyone on his situation. Obviously, he escaped, although he neglects to mention how in his two-minute ramble. Instead, he says he's had a few drinks, thanks everyone for their interest in him, and has ignored some calls from the police. he can also be seen playing pool with a scantily dressed woman. it would seem that he's living a pretty good life right now. He also says that he is planning to post more grain silo videos, although his channel, Millwright22 has now been deleted. There is a similar-looking channel, Milwright22, under the name Josh Casey, but that channel has no videos uploaded to it as of now.

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