Dude Gifts His Neighbor First Mad Dog in 10 Years to Priceless Reaction


Stephen Nymberg gifts his neighbor Fred "the drink he grew up on," which just so happens to be Mad Dog 20/20; a 20 oz, 20% fortified wine. frank seems to have been looking for them for 10 years and his reaction upon seeing the gift is absolutely priceless. Stephen and Fred live in North Carolina, and Stephen's TikTok page alternates between documenting his thrill seeking activities like skydiving, and featuring cool members of the community like Fred, and an upbeat Chick-fil-A employee named Jeremiah. Stephen has filmed Fred's birthday party, Fred's reaction to Hurricane Ian, and now Fred's reaction to the Mad Dogs. stephen says he brought them to charlotte four hours away from their wilmington homes and fred recounts drinking them while playing basketball growing up. and you can tell that he values these times and immediately pours some out for his friends. fred is the neighbor that we all wish we had.

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