Dude in Bangkok Hostel Has No Idea Where He Is or How He Got There


this guy returns to his hostel after a night out with a scene straight out of the hangover. one of his roommates has just come to him with no idea what's going on with him. he decides it's time to get out the camera and record the hilarious conversation that follows. where am i?. “Bangkok. ” Apparently this is news to him because he asks the same question again in disbelief. how he got there?. Judging by the needle in his hand for the entirety of the conversation, he’s likely just come to after a pretty crazy bender. to sober up in an entirely new country without knowing how you got there must be a hell of a trip. Judging by his behavior toward the end of the clip, homie’s still strung out on whatever was in that syringe. Remember: don’t do drugs kids! But if you do, be sure to do them in a foreign country in quantities that’ll make you forget your own name.

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