for promoting fashion brands that use child labor


This terrifying video shows influencers promoting various fast fashion brands, while failing to adequately address, or even properly dodge questions of child labor exploitation and catastrophic environmental impact. The influencers display obvious awareness of the transgressions taking place, yet seem unconcerned by those implications. "You won't find much information on us, thank God," one of them says, and another urges viewers to "Don't even question it. " Other quotes include "staying neutral" on climate impact, and a flat-out acknowledgment of child labor usage. This compilation was posted by thefairedit, but most of its clips are curtesy of Kizo. both channels work to expose the crimes of the fast fashion industry. While it is easy to place blame on these influencers, it's important to remember that the real villains are the executives of the clothing brands themselves, no matter how many people they employ to try and "influence" us otherwise.

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