former corrections officer talks about life on rikers island


Rikers Island houses roughly 5,000 detainees between its nine jails, most of whom are waiting trials for crimes like murder, rape and domestic violence. on the island violence has become notoriously unsafe for both inmates and officers as rival gangs housed in the prison are commonplace.

Seven years ago the Department of Corrections issued a consent decree against the jail for prolonged disfunction and a "persistent culture of violence. the quality of life for inmates and officers has not improved significantly since then. the point of correction is to improve the lives of people sentenced for violent crimes and to provide justice to those who suffered them. It's safe to say none of this is happening on Rikers Island, where inmates are killed, staff is attacked and repeat offenders are doomed to circle in and out of this plainly flawed revolving door a justice system that has been both unaccountable and dangerous.

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